MydAppr is a decentralized community incubator that aims to ideate, develop, launch and market different dApp projects through its Community dApp Ideation (CDI) platform.

Whitepaper - (Coming soon 2023)
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What is MYDAPPR?

MydAppr envisions to become a community-driven blockchain incubator that aims to build and launch dApps from vague ideas into fully-fledged projects. Recognizing that there are complexities that arise from trying to develop a tech startup from scratch, the platform helps blockchain ideators nurture their projects into successful products.


CDI Platform (Launching in 2025)

The CDI Platform is an advanced all-in-one blockchain platform for community voting, dApps approval, and the monitoring of dApps development. Three things come into play to keep MydAppr set apart from what is out there.


The power of creation remains with the community and retains the decentralization advantage of blockchain technology.


The vision remains to build useful decentralized applications (dApps) which cut across several industries and businesses.


Using our 'concept to life' analogy, we aim to build worthy dApp ideas from infancy to completion.

Team Mission

The MydAppr project is a futuristic project with ambitious goals, conceived by innovative minds who believe they can make a huge impact in the blockchain industry. Faced with the complexities that arise from trying to develop tech startups, we believe we can leverage the powers of blockchain and community to build a 'community dApp ideation'(CDI)...
MydAppr is an advanced platform for administration, crypto Github and PR software for dApp ideation, development and the platform's success.

The target is to launch in 2025, but, due to the need for substantial funding and investment for the CDI developments, we are developing flagship dApps to present and showcase to investors who would love to support MydAppr. These flagship projects also serve as a learning process for the team before we dive deep into the ocean of concepts. (Get in touch with us to know more)


 Launched  Beta Test  Coming soon!

Team Members

 a photo of Destiny marshall

Destiny Marshall

Team lead, Marketing and Tech

 a photo of Godswill Ezeoke

Godswill Ezeoke

Backend and Devops

 a photo of Lyiola

Mohammed Adekunle

Software Engineer

 a photo of Emetonjo solomon

Emetonjo Solomon

Front-End Dev & QA

  a photo of Faisal Sopyan

Faisal Sopyan


 a photo of Phinehas Kesse

Phinehas Kesse

Senior Dev & Mobile App

 a photo of Joy Ijeoma Nwankwo

Joy Ijeoma Nwankwo

Content Developer

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